Very-Early Social Ventures       (Pre-Launch | Pre-1st-Raise)

What Good is YOUR VISION of Transformative Change?

Funders    —     INVESTORS    —     Strategic Partners   —     ADVISORS    —     1st Adopters    —     TEAM RECRUITS

Introducing Social Rocket Factory's

Killer Pitch-Craft System

that Transforms Pitches 

Stage One — 10 Building Blocks

There are 10 essential Building Blocks which together form the structural foundation of EVERY Viable Venture + EVERY Killer Pitch. 
Here they are… 
[Vision]  [Problem]  [Solution]  [Demand]  [Team
[How It Works]  [Unfair]  [Momentum]  [Fin Model]  [ASK
Venture and Pitch are both constructed from THE SAME 10 Building Blocks. 
Therefore, a direct symmetry flows between your VIABILITY and FUNDABILITY — which founders can powerfully leverage when speaking with Funders, Strategic Partners, and 1st Adopters. 
This COMMON SET of Building Blocks also explains WHY your pitch can reliably serve as a DIAGNOSTIC MRI that reveals your venture’s long-term VIABILITY. 
The detailed specifics of each Building Block may initially be BEST GUESSES made by the Founding Team — and some of those estimates MIGHT turn out to be ACCURATE as your venture engages the real-world and real-adopters.

HOWEVER, funders and strategic partners are far more motivated by EVIDENCE than by your team’s “crystal-ball gazing” — which is why the VALIDATION of your primary Claims, Assumptions, Insights, and Predictions is ESSENTIAL to assessing both Viability + Fundability.

Your validation activities — and the growing Body-of-EVIDENCE that emerges from your efforts — will also provide most of the essential ANSWERS needed to craft a pitch that is complete and compelling.

Stage Two — 100 Viability Questions

Each Building Block contains (approximately) 10 VIABILITY QUESTIONS.

These Viability Questions represent the objective and experience-driven questions that any Founding Team should EXPECT-to-be-ASKED when pitching to FUNDERS and STRATEGIC PARTNERS and 1ST ADOPTERS.

[10 Building Blocks] X [10 Viability Questions each]
= 100 Viability Questions:
  • 100 Viability Questions that could and should be ASKED about your Team and Venture. 
  • 100 Viability Questions that every Founding Team should answer for THEMSELVES — above and beyond any Funder or Strategic Partner. 

Founding Teams use VALIDATION to transform Viability QUESTIONS into Fundability ANSWERS.

The QUALITY of most Fundability Answers is PROPORTIONAL TO how much EVIDENCE the founding team has amassed in support of their primary Claims, Assumptions, Insights, and Predictions.

THE CHALLENGE of bringing together ENOUGH high-quality evidence to inspire TRUST is why Validation (along side Pitching) is one of the TWIN COMPETENCIES most needed by Very-Early Venture founders.

WHEN/IF approximately 80% of your Fundability Answers become GREAT — meaning Objective, Complete, Trustable — you are then READY to enter the final stage of crafting your Killer Pitch.

Stage Three — Reality Pitch Grind

To summarize how we got here: 
  1. The 10 Building Blocks provide the BASIC STRUCTURE of a complete Killer Pitch. 
  2. Your Fundability Answers provide the SOURCE CONTENT for your Pitch Narrative + any accompanying SLIDES. 
But all of these ANSWERS + EVIDENCE now present a further CHALLENGE — no pitch should run LONGER than 20 continuous-minutes. Audience brains are nearing "capacity" after even 10MINS of pitching... 
However, in order to thoroughly COMMUNICATE (let alone DISCUSS) all of your FUNDABILITY ANSWERS + all of your EVIDENCE would take (at least) 3 HOURS, probably MORE.

And you will only have 20MINS — or LESS — in which to present your Killer Pitch.
So, what’s a founder to do?
Introducing the REALITY PITCH METHOD... 
The Reality Pitch Method could not be simpler: 
  1. Choose ONE Building Block — from 1 thru 10. 
  2. Talk for 1MIN about only THAT Building Block — NO SLIDES. 
  3. Get FEEDBACK on only THOSE words — NOT your entire pitch.
Why is this method so powerful? 
Because Reality Pitching FORCES founders to focus, select, and succinctly articulate their BEST 1MIN about EACH Building Block — without the complication or distraction of SLIDES. 
In other words, concerning your venture’s PROBLEM or TEAM or SOLUTION Building Block, you are FORCED to tell the listener: “If you remember ONLY ONE THING about this Building Block — remember THIS.” 
And having to make each Building Block primary takeaway EXPLICIT requires founders to consider: WHAT is the Most Important, Most Valuable, Most Remarkable, Most Memorable TAKEAWAY you want you audience to KNOW + to REMEMBER about THIS individual Building Block? 
Without the DISTRACTION of your Slide Deck or the BURDEN of the entire Pitch Narrative, you can move at-will through all 10 Building Blocks — until you eventually compile a 10MIN FULL REALITY PITCH which showcases the 10 TOP TAKEAWAYS that will always form the basis of your pitch’s Narrative Spine — regardless of presentation length. 
In a 20MIN FULL ASK PITCH (with Slides) — the formal, full-length pitch you hope to be invited to present to Funders and Strategic Partners — you CAN talk for MORE THAN 1MIN about any of the 10 Building Blocks of your Killer Pitch.

But that extra-time will feel like a luxury after the spartan discipline of your Reality Pitch — and adding additional detail in narration or slides will be straightforwardly quick.

Final 12WK Deliverables

KPC is all about RESULTS — so by WK12 you will have BUILT:
  1. 20MIN Full Ask Pitch — w/Slides (10-20)
  2. 10MIN Reality Pitch — w/No Slides
  3. 2MIN Elevator Pitch — w/No Slides
  4. Email Intro Deck — w/Annotated Slides

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LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities.
Josh Stobbard
LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities.
Josh Stobbard
LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities.
Josh Stobbard

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